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Life is better when you’re wearing a cool head piece.
From our signature winter beanies to our best-selling head pieces, JOO JOO is an ultimate line for the stylish headwear.
Following graduation from Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011, Burcu started working in New York City to explore the fashion world.
She took designing position at different fashion brands in New York City, London, Dublin and Istanbul. Her background , knowledge and relevance to art and fashion can be seen in every piece of JOO JOO product.

JOO JOO travels a lot, JOO JOO walks in many streets in the world, JOO JOO gets inspired by life, by cool things.

Basically, The Istanbul based headwear brand JOO JOO designed in different part of the world.All the yarns and trims are selected exclusively. The head pieces are handmade by talented artisans in Istanbul,Turkey.

JOO JOO is founded on the idea of bringing different objects,trims and elements through the creation of unique head piece.

This is what makes JOO JOO unique, stylish and sarcastic.